“Callie’s presence leaves no doubt about her connection to a higher power.  She translates this connection into a powerful and peace filled healing session.”
-K.W. Massachusetts 

“Callie’s powerful and deeply loving presence is transformative.”
-M.G. Virginia

“Powerful and gentle, Callie is a living example of pure, sweet unconditional love. Her touch, her voice, her ability to connect, to listen and to love and accept the other make her one of the best healers I’ve worked with.”
– T.A. New York

“My experience with this medicine was a surprise and pleasure. During an episode of heart arrythmia, besides deeply relaxing, my heart moved into sinus rhythm in a good strong way. I was surprised at the ease of the process and how much change occurred so quickly. This medicine is now recommended for a variety of people visiting my office for other purposes. I consider this medicine to be very useful and refer for the process free of hesitation. The process is safe and powerful.”
– H.R. Kerrville, Texas


“I experienced with Callie one of the most powerful healing I have ever received in my life. Her voice is a gift that helped me surrender to the traumatic pieces I went through during the healing. Her higher sense of contact helped me to feel safe and supported by her loving essence. Thank you again Callie for journeying with me at each second of the healing you gave me.”
-F.F. Belgium

“Callie is a deeply intuitive and gifted healer.  Her caring, strength and openness create a beautiful container for healing.  She speaks and shares insights from a place of deep truth and connection, and with the intention of empowering others to be their full selves.  I have benefited greatly from working with her.”
– J.S. Canada

“It calmed me down and lifted me up.”
-C.D. Kerrville, Texas

“When I started doing energy work with Callie I was having ovarian cyst ruptures almost every moon cycle. She and I would set intention to balance and clear those areas for me. I would tell her what was going on in my life that I thought might be causing the symptoms. After each session I felt lighter and lighter, even happier. Soon I statrtedlooking forward to the sessions and forgot all about the ovarian cysts that had been occurring. It has been over 6 months and the cysts, the ruptures are not in my life. The energy alignment opened my body up to shifting and healing and I’m so pleased with my results.”
– B.R. Austin


“My spirit shines through more, I am more open to the universe, and change is easy where it once was difficult after I see Callie.”
– J.W. Boerne, Texas

“When I hear Callie’s voice sing to me, I find pieces of me that I have forgotten. I am lighter and more at peace. Callie is an incredibly gifted sound healer and I am grateful for our time together.”
– J.L. Canada

“Energy Alignment is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced! What makes Callie’s process stand out from the other alignments I’ve received is her ethereal calm and tonal singing which guides me to a whole other level of healing, relaxation and peace. I’m learning how important energy alignment is to my emotional and physical body and after I receive an alignment I can feel changes in my body and my reactions to others.”
– K.G. Houston

“It’s like taking a nap while on vacation after playing on the beach all day. After you wake up, you go to the nicest restaurant in the resort and order the most delicious meal. That’s how Dreamtime Medicine feels.”
– M.D. Austin

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