About Me

Callie is a trained Brennan Healing Science Practitioner who has been studying energy medicine for over a decade through the Brennan School of Healing and Native American Medicine.

Brennan Healing Science, sometimes referred to as Hands of Light Healing, was created by Barbara Brennan a former NASA scientist, psychotherapist and best selling author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging. Through a variety of techniques, tailored to your needs, healing sessions clear, balance, charge and repair your body’s electromagnetic energy field (also known as the aura or the Human Energy-Consciousness Field). This affects all of the systems and organs of your body to help enhance your system’s natural healing process.
The Native American use of “Medicine” describes different ways to bring health and well being into our lives and honors all things are connected.Dreamtime Medicine is a holistic approach to healing and is intended to work in harmony with other healing modalities, including traditional medicines.